Montecito Motor Classic

Sunday, September 22, 2019, 9AM-2PM

NEW DATE: Sunday, September 20, 2015!

Along Coast Village Road, Montecito, CA

Santa Barbara County


Montecito Motor Classic 2015

BEST IN SHOW 2015 -  1935 Hispano-Suiza V-12

 1935 Hispano-Suiza V-12

We were honored to have Mullin's Automotive Museum at this year's event, 1935 Hispano-Suiza V-12. It won BEST OF SHOW. 


Sport Cars Post- 1974

1st Buddy Pepp with his 1977 Aston Martin V8

2nd Russell Steiner with his 2008 Alpha Romero 8c


Sports Cars Pre-1974

1st Bob & Michele Cohen in their 1962 250 Ferrari SWB

2nd Tom Jordan in his 1966 Corvette Stingray


Preservation Class

1st Randolph and Susan Siple with the 1928 Ford Mod A

2nd Neal Graffy with his 1941 Packard Limousine


Hotrod/Custom Class

1st Tony Handler in his 1929 Ford Roadster

2nd George Williams with his 1932 Ford Roadster


Museum Class

1st Mullin Museum with their 1935 Hispano Suiza V12

2nd Peterson Museum in their 1925 Rolls Royce P1


Foreign Post War

1st Robert and Gretchen Leiff with their 1973 Citroen

2nd Craig Cody with his 1964 Morris


Domestic Pre-War

1st Arnold Schmidt in his 1925 Lincoln L

2nd Jake Macaluso with his 1939 Mercury Conv


Domestic Post-War

1st Jeff Hanson for his 1966 Chevrolet Corvair

2nd Scott Young with his 1950 coupe


Race Car Class

1st Craig McCaw with his 1960 Dino Sport

2nd Randy Wilson in his 1963 Morgan 4/4 Roadster


Dino Class

1st Richard Handin with his 1972 Dino 246 GTS

2nd Craig McCaw with his 1974 Dino 246 GTS


Special Awards


Score Sport Award

Michael Hammer 1952 Cunningham


Vinnie Trophy

Peterson Museum-1925 Rolls Royce P1


Michael Hammer Award

Dave Sydorick with his 1956 Ferrari 250 Zagato


Mayors Award

Bob & Patricia Sponcel with their 1931 Ford Wagon


Founders Award

Carol Lyon for her 1932 Cadillac V-12


Judges Special Award

Craig McCaw with his 1960 Dino Sport


Best of Show

Mullin Museum for their 1935 Hispano-Suiza V-12


COMMUNITY SPORTS AWARD The Miller Family1930 Rolls Royce Phantom II Saloon Limo

MICHAEL HAMMER AWARD Tony Handler 1938 Ford Custom Convertible Sedan

MAYOR'S TRPHY Neal Graffy 1941 Packard 180 Limousine

SCORE SPORT AWARD Petersen Museum 1952 Ferrari 

BEST OF SHOW Petersen Museum 1956 Jaguar XKSS 

MOST ELEGANT 1ST Michael Hammer 1963 Rolls Royce 

MOST ELEGANT 2ND Rob Miller 1930 Rolls royce Phantom II Saloon Limo

BEST AMERICAN 1ST Alan Lerner 1956 Oldsmobile Convertible

BEST AMERICAN 2ND Mary Wood/Schiff 1970 Buick GS

BEST FOREGIN 1ST Santo Guerrero 1960 Bentley Continental

BEST FOREIGN 2ND Ronald Keehn 2003 Bentley

BEST SPORT 1ST Robert Heinz 1955 Porsche Continental

BEST SPORT 2ND Rex Ramey 1963 Jaguar XKE

BEST RACE CAR 1ST Orwin Middleton 1957 Corvette

BEST RACE CARD 2ND Wayne Greene 1965 Ford Notchback

BEST HOD ROD 1ST Jerry Magnusen 1923 Track Roadster

BEST HOT ROD 2ND Jim Eckford 1933 Ford Racer

BEST MUSTANG 1ST John & Jane Dailey 1966 Shelby GT 350

BEST MUSTANG 2ND Richard Palacco 1966 Ford Mustang

BEST PRESERVATION 1ST Randolph Siple 1928 Ford Model A

BEST PRESERVATION 2ND Bryce Lovett 1950 Chevy Sedan

BEST CLASSIC 1ST Bruce McBroom 1932 Stutz DV 32 Roadster

BEST CLASSIC 2ND Michael Howe 1935 Bugatti Type 57

BEST CUSTOM 1ST Michael Hammer 1950 Chevy

BEST CUSTOM 2ND Angel Martinez 1953 Chevy Convertible


Motorcycle Awards

PRE WAR 1ST (pre 1942) Scott Young 1930 Scott Flying Squirrel

PRE WAR 2ND Marian McKenzie 1913 Rex

POST WAR 1ST (post 1946)  Michael Hammer 1947 Harley

POST WAR 2ND Phil Travis 1961 Harley

MOTORCYCLE RACE BIKE 1ST John Stein 1972 Ducati

MOTORCYCLE RACE BIKE 2ND John Stein 1961 Norton Max

Thank you to our trophy sponsors

First Place Best Sport: Dolores Johnson and Dana Newquist
First Place Best Race: Linda Fareed
Second Place Best Mustang: Million Air

Best Preservation: Orwin & Alma Rose Middleton

2014 Highlights


Rita Hayworth's 1953 Cadillac Ghia, exhibited by the Petersen Museum, won the BEST OF SHOW category.

Montecito Motor Classic 2019